Virtual Assistant and Website Engagement

Optimize your dealership website for leads with AI-powered engagements. Elevate your website with personalized website experiences designed for lead conversions.

Benefits of Utilizing Custom Chatbots for the Automotive Industry

The modern shopper has little to no patience when it comes to waiting for customer service. Lightning fast chatbots can improve the customer experience and keep leads on your dealership website longer. While live chats can keep your website visitors waiting too long, chatbots can easily engage your customers, answer common questions, and create a seamless shopping experience for your dealership leads.

Personalized engagements = more leads.
Automatically deploy non-disruptive, highly targeted, relevant interactions on your website using predictive analytics to provide your shoppers with a unique user experience.

Consolidate your tech stack and vendor costs.
Employ a single, multifunctional website engagement tool that includes chatbot services, trade-in estimations, test drive scheduling, dealership offer generators, and more.

Enable your sales team with data-rich leads.
Capture critical data for every lead including VDPs visited and point of conversion to improve the next interaction your team has with your customer.

Generate more leads for your car dealership with Local Wërks.
Convert more qualified leads for your car dealership by providing a highly personalized, engaging shopping experience for your website visitors. Using Local Wërks’ all-in-one website engagement solution will consolidate your vendors and reduce costs, improving your bottom line and allowing you to focus on what’s really important – selling more cars.

    Step 1

    Code Implementation
    Insert the code snippet in your website header and begin gathering the data needed to create hyper-personalized experiences.

    Step 2

    Data Gathering
    Once the code has been implemented, Local Wërks begins tracking and analyzing your website traffic to gather data and create clear shopper flows.

    Step 3

    Timely Interactions
    Fullpath uses the data to present timely, non-disruptive, intent driven engagements to your website visitors to encourage conversions.

    Step 4

    Performance Reports
    View highly detailed reports including onsite engagements and conversions through your dashboard.

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