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AI-powered email marketing. Activate your audience at scale to turn your cold leads into shoppers and generate more revenue for your dealership.

Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

Email marketing for car dealerships is made easy with Local Wërk’s AI-powered platform. CDXP + Data Lake works to consolidate your dealership’s data and leverage it to create hyper-specific audiences for your targeted email marketing campaigns.

By pulling data directly from your dealership’s CRM, you can reawaken your cold leads with personalized, timely messaging and drive new revenues for your dealership. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about email marketing for dealerships with CDXP + Data Lake.

Why Your Car Dealership Needs a Lead Nurture Strategy

Implementing a lead nurture strategy at your dealership will ensure your brand stays top of mind for potential customers, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Nurturing your leads with targeted, personalized, and valuable follow-up over time will help your dealership extend your customer journeys and build trust in your brand that can result in a sale down the road.

Discover new streams of revenue.
The average dealership only reaches 15% of their existing leads. That’s a lot of missed opportunities. With CDXP + Data Lake email marketing, you can reawaken your leads and engage 100% of your audience at scale.

Automate hundreds of audiences.
Automatically generate hundreds of hyper-specific audiences pulled from your dealership’s first-party data and send them personalized emails, videos, and dynamic landing pages.

Unify your dealership data sources.
CDXP + Data Lake integrates with all your dealership’s data sources including your CRM, DMS, ad data, and website analytics to eliminate data silos and orchestrate seamless shopping experiences for your customers.

Use audience suppression to ensure your message is always relevant.
CDXP + Data Lake leverages dynamic audience suppression techniques to ensure you are always reaching your shoppers with relevant and timely messaging, wherever they are on their shopper journey.

Step 1

Data Consolation: Unify your dealership’s first-party data sources with CDXP + Data Lake.

Step 2

Audience Automation: Automatically create hundreds of hyper-specific audiences for your dealership’s email marketing campaigns based on your first-party data.

Step 3

Campaign Generation: Instantly generate relevant, hyper-personalized emails, videos, and dynamic landing pages for your leads.

Step 4

Audience Activation: CDXP + Data Lake works towards creating new streams of revenue you never even knew existed.

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