other Wërks platforms

Local Wërks provides premium platforms for company’s needing advanced lead generation technology and performance. Stacking these platforms on top of each other will produce success at an industry leading cost per lead.

Please remember that all of our platforms produce branded/exclusive leads that require custom implementation. Our management/platforms fees are fixed allowing us to provide YOU the most complete and financially transparent lead generation engine in the industry.

Ringless Voice Mail:

RVM drops voice mail messages on cellular and home phones. These messages can immediately boost activity for product sales; product upgrades or service. If you sell more than one product line, use RVM to introduce roofing to your window clients…guttering to your roofing clients etc. RVM is fast and efficient for getting any call to action in the hands of homeowners.


Over 97% of all texts are opened in the first 3 minutes of receipt. Imagine how long emails sit in your account before you open them or just delete them? Text marketing eliminates that worry.

Use text to market specific specials, offers or targeted call to actions to your homeowners. Fast and cost efficient, text can be the bridge for all of your lead generation and appointment setting concerns.

Review Management:

Review Management, response, and solicitation: reviews matter.  If your company is not focused on your online reputation, the ability to generate quality leads will drastically decline.  Our platform is designed to take the day to day responsibility of review management away from busy contractor’s and staff.  Don’t let your reputation suffer because you are too busy to address the issues.

Web Werks:

Invest in your future by allowing us to design and optimize the perfect website. Sure, there are tens of thousands of website builders and you can choose any one of them for appearance. However, there are very few website designers that solely focus on the ability to convert traffic into leads.

We specialize in designing fast, simple call to websites for our customers. We do not sell it and forget it. Each of our sites is designed on a monthly fee that allows us to continue to optimize and improve the customer’s journey. Find out how inexpensive it can be to get your traffic moving in the right direction.

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