Social Wërks:  

Use Social Advertising Platforms to generate quality leads with specific call to actions. Do you offer discounts or special offers? Social Wërks will provide leading cutting edge technology to create and maintain social lead generation campaigns. While Facebook is the most popular choice amongst our clients, we do work with Instagram; Twitter; SnapChat and LinkedIn.   

Social Wërks is an exciting way to engage the community on the most popular social platforms. Top notch creative work combined with your market special/offer is a powerful lead generation tool that is cost effective and delivers quality leads for your business.

Search Wërks:

Use Google and Bing to obtain highly targeted lead flow with the highest conversion rates in digital marketing. Using paid search is all about the call to action and the artwork/landing pages. While the average cost per lead is higher than other forms of advertising, contractors know that 80% of all home improvement projects begin by the consumer researching quality and price online. Search Wërks uses the most advanced landing pages in the industry to capture those consumers attention and keeps it until the consumer converts to a form or phone lead. We use a combination of targeted display advertising; traditional text search and call only advertising to provide consistent lead flow for your company.

Credit Wërks:
Credit Wërks provides soft FICO pulls from the top 3 credit bureaus for both in-house credit management and consumer-facing “Get Pre-Approved” lead generation. We use a combination of your website and custom created landing pages to combine credit scoring with all of your lead generation tactics. Offer fast pre-approvals with NO Social Security Number. NO Date of Birth and NO effect on the consumer’s credit.
Fully compliant soft FICO pull platforms start at $99.00 plus the per pull fee from the Bureau. We have access to all 3 credit bureau providers TransUnion; Equifax and Experian. Our most popular pull platform uses the TU FICO 8 model which most of your lenders use to evaluate the creditworthiness of your customer.  
Call Wërks:
Call Wërks is a phone lead generation platform that uses a variety of paid search, social and local SEO to produce inbound phone traffic for your products and services. Call Wërks is a nice addition to form fill lead generation. However, Call Wërks puts them on the phone eliminating the outbound phone chase that starts when you receive a form lead. Some customers just want to talk to someone immediately about their needs. Local service providers have an edge over the competition by having their phone number prominently shown in search results.

Form Werks:

The Form Werks Platform is a behavioral based “pop-up/hook/hero message” conversion tool. Stop wasting traffic on your website. Use Form Werks to “hook” the traffic with specific offers or specials. Form Werks can show a specific message or offer to the visitor based on where the visitor came from or the ad they clicked on. Send relevant hooks related to finance for those visitors that came to your site from a finance ad or search. Show specific pricing call to actions; installation offers; upgrades etc all within one platform. Used by 1000’s of business owners that want their website to react to specific visitor behavior.

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