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Generate New Opportunities With Custom Social Media Ads

Deliver meaningful leads or click traffic through custom targeted Facebook/Meta and Instagram ads.

  • Custom artwork with custom offers
  • Promote live inventory through feeds
  • Generate leads, clicks or BOTH
  • Optimized bidding & targeting
  • Audience identification
  • Campaign creation
  • Performance monitoring
  • A/B testing

Dynamically adjusted, inventory-based ads

Find real in-market shoppers and deliver them relevant ads built from your live inventory. These ads dynamically adjust to provide the best ad creative for each individual shopper, 24/7. This effectively prospects new customers while also re engaging abandoned shoppers, drawing their eyes back to the vehicle that first piqued their interest.

Custom offer-specific ads

Professionally designed images that match your custom offers or CTAs. These ads are served to relevant shoppers in your market and continually tested against each other for optimal performance month-to-month.

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