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Identify and Convert local prospects with challenged credit who are shopping for vehicles

Exclusive “Yours Only” Credit Leads Generated Through Paid Search

Custom Created Lead Engine

  • Leads are exclusive to your dealership. No shared leads.
  • Deployed with dedicated URL. No dealership website clutter.
  • Custom created landing page strategy to meet the needs of the credit prospect.
  • Form fill leads are delivered to your CRM. Inbound phone calls to your BDC or Finance Department.
  • Full always on 24/7/365 analytics dashboard that includes names and phone numbers for easy benchmarking.
  • Best when deployed with a “soft pull” short form credit application.

Sales: 888.629.6711

Support: 866-338-7086

1027 S Main St Ste 303, Joplin, MO 64801

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