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Social Marketing

Generate leads and grow your business through our social marketing platforms.

Social Posting Platform

Irregular, infrequent and irrelevant posts to Facebook can send the wrong message to Social intenders.  Post real Call-to-actions for sales and service through professionally scripted posts throughout the month.  Up to 16 posts to your Facebook page per month.  Management selected Call-to Actions.  Nationally proven method to increase engagement and viewer activity.

Businesses with successful social media accounts have one thing in common: they offer a steady stream of interesting content to their followers. In order to stay top-of-mind, posts should be made on a regular basis and sent evenly throughout the week. 

Facebook Audience Capture

Facebook Audience Capture

We find and engage people that may or may not be connected with you on your current networks by creating 2 carousel Facebook campaigns using a geofenced, layered and targeted approach to find purchase intenders.  All creative design and management is included.  Specialized Call-to-Actions.  Set a maximum budget or conversion metric and let Local Wërks do the rest.

Facebook Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Rotators

Facebook Live Dynamic Inventory Rotators

Send your live inventory with photos through the Facebook news feed.  Targeted and layered based on the users search history.  Choose where and when you want the ads served and the specific demographics that fit your service area.  Time stamped allowing the platform to serve ads only during real time.  Set a maximum budget or conversion metric for maximum return.