Local Wërks

Google Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Platform

Paid Search Home Improvement

Local Wërks will pull your inventory feed up to twice a day and create ads from every product in stock. From there, we link these ads directly to your listing.

This allows for higher click-through rates, lower cost-per-click but above all a higher conversion, with more leads and of course more sales! How? By serving up the exact product your next customer is looking for.

Google Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Exact Match - Long-Tailed Keyword Search Platform

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are very very specific search phrases. Usually when a customer types such a phrase, they know exactly what they are going to buy. Associating your product with these specific phrases can boost sales by leading a purchase intender straight to what they are looking to buy.

Long-Tail Keyword Search

With Local Wërks, you can use your live feed to with Adwords to find low in the sales funnel purchase intenders by using long tailed key words and exact match search. Intenders that know what they want and just want to find it by using detailed search. Intender searches for a specific product and our platform serves it to them based on your inventory matching the request. Geofenced through dealer selected pin drops with specified radius. Give the prospect what they want when they want it. 

Google Call-Only Platform

Use your live inventory feed to create call only advertisements on the Google Adwords Platform. Any product with specific details gets displayed with a call only intention. Increase calls to your BDC on specific products or services. Ads are created and deleted based on your inventory feed. Only pay for the calls you receive. 100% conversion to call ratio. Day parting strategies allow the ads to run during your BDC work schedule.

Google Call-Only

Call-Only Ads

Considering the extensive use of mobile devices and the connectivity that entails, many business prefer customers to inquire through calls. Whether this being to make an order, discuss a more complex issue, or to just create a more personalized service solution, having a call option may be the best option. These ads are simple in nature and typical include the business name, a phone number, and a  description.