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Social Marketing

Social media provides channels for businesses to find new customers and to manage ongoing relationships with current ones. We utilize social media to generate leads and grow through our Posting Platform, Facebook Audience Capture, and Facebook Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Rotators.

Social Posting Platform

Businesses work hard to earn a solid reputation, especially online. Amplify that positivity through regular social posts on Facebook. Our content generation team creates relevant and engaging copy for our digital agents who can then schedule that content into regular posts.  


Facebook Audience Capture

We create two carousel Facebook campaigns using a geofenced, layered and targeted approach to find purchase intenders.  All creative design and management is included.  Specialized Call-to-Actions.  Set a maximum budget or conversion metric and let Local Wërks do the rest.


Facebook Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Rotators

Send your live inventory with photos through the Facebook news feed.  Targeted and layered based on the users search history.  Choose where and when you want the ads served and the specific demographics that fit your service area.  Time stamped allowing the platform to serve ads only during real time.  Set a maximum budget or conversion metric for maximum return.


Paid Search

Automotive Google Paid Search

Local Wërks’ offers three search-related services including Google Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Platform, Google Live Dynamic Exact Match Platform, and Call Only Platform. 

Google Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Inventory Platform

Seek purchase intenders by using their search habits to display actual live pre-owned inventory. This platform is feed driven through your website provider. Raise Product Detail Page visits immediately. Geofenced, demographically layered and targeted to purchase intenders. Want more Traffic? Ask your rep for details.


Google Live Dynamic Pre-Owned Exact Match - Long-Tailed Keyword Search Platform

Use your live feed to use Adwords to find low in the sales funnel purchase intenders by using long tailed key words and exact match search. Intenders that know what they want and just want to find it by using detailed search. Intender searches for a specific product and our platform serves it to them based on your inventory matching the request. Geofenced through dealer selected pin drops with specified radius. Give the prospect what they want when they want it. 


Google Call Only Platform

Use your live inventory feed to create call only advertisements on the Google Adwords Platform. Any product with specific details gets displayed with a call only intention. Increase calls to your BDC on specific products or services. Ads are created and deleted based on your inventory feed. Only pay for the calls you receive. 100% conversion to call ratio. Day parting strategies allow the ads to run during your BDC work schedule.


Reputation Management

Local Wërks’ offers administrative services including Review Response and Review Solicitation. We can manage active listings, craft responses for negative and positive reviews on public review sites and also request reviews.

Review Response

Let Local Wërks professionally craft responses to positive and negative reviews on up to 3 public review sites.  All review responses are posted within 48 hours.  Professional responses are forwarded to management to make you aware of any negative reviews.



Review Solicitation

Using your CRM, Local Wërks accepts contacts on all sold units each week and professionally requests reviews.  Find negative sentiment before it becomes public.  Management will be aware of any potential negative reviews allowing the dealership to correct the issues prior to review.  Add positive reviews to create immediate increases in review scoring on Google, Facebook, and over 15 review sites.  Protect your brand while monitoring the customer experience.



Pay for Performance Platforms

Local Wërks‘ offers Mobile services to allow targeted messaging for specific call-to-actions to reach your prospects. Enjoy unlimited functionality and real time lead capture.

Pay for Performance Platforms

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail Drops allows specific messaging for a specific Call-to-Action.  Reach your entire CRM database in minutes with REAL voicemail from your staff calling them to action. practices. Ringless Voicemail’s are inserted into a mobile phone without an actual call needing to be made to that device. This is done on the backend. Prices vary based on volume and frequency. See one of our representatives for a quote and a demonstration of best practices.


Automotive RVM

SMS Text Marketing

SMS / Text Marketing allows you to market to prospects in the same manner they communicate every day for business, family, and friends. Completely TCPA compliant dashboard allows your staff to communicate in real time with your customers and intenders.  Create VIP clubs through opt-in text programs designed to create traffic.  Lead capture is in real time with user name, phone number and product interest. Functionality is unlimited.

We make sure the proper steps have been taken so that all messages follow the Mobile Marketing Association’s “Best Practices” for mobile campaigns. Our Text Marketing service empowers businesses with more innovative mobile marketing campaigns to better fit the pace of everyday life.


Local Wërks Soft Pull Credit Platform

Don’t burden your BDC when you need your database contacted for a specific want or need. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust Local Wërks with the task. We also offer the option for soft pulls, allowing you to add a 60 second application with a real offer of credit!

CRM Conquest Platform

Need your database contacted for a specific want or need?  Let our outbound call specialists handle the task for you.  Over 25 years of experience in prospects call transfer; appointment setting or drive traffic to an online call-to-action.  Native, English, and Hispanic callers.  Professionally scripted.  Do not burden your BDC…let us do the work.


Automotive Pay for Performance Platforms

Local Wërks Soft Pull Credit Platform

Local Wërks Soft Pull Credit Platform allows credit call-to-actions without requiring Social Security Number or Date of Birth.  Provide real offers of credit based on your lender’s requirements in seconds.  Amazing conversion rates combined with one of our traffic platforms.  This offers a 60 second credit application on your website.

Local Wërks Soft Pull Credit Platform only utilizes Real Time bureau data, meaning each time your customer, or your managers hit enter, they are pulling a live bureau record. This is not a “static” pull, whereby the consumer’s data is matched to an archived bureau record, sometimes 90 days old. We recognize that the only data that matters is current data, therefore the data you get will be current.

Let Local Wërks place the iFrame application on your website and enjoy HUGE conversion rates! The technology is 100% responsive and can be used and optimized on devices from desktop to mobile.

We make sure the proper steps have been taken so that all messages follow the Mobile Marketing Association’s “Best Practices” for mobile campaigns. Our Text Marketing service empowers businesses with more innovative mobile marketing campaigns to better fit the pace of everyday life.


Listings & Citation Management

The average business has 68 online listings, and 41% of those listings have an inaccurate address. Furthermore, these businesses have an average of three different phone numbers across all of their listings. Local businesses need your help, and they need it soon. As much as listings management is a challenge for small businesses, it is an opportunity for digital agencies to help these businesses while increasing their own revenues.

Automotive Listings Management

Listings Management

Listings & Citation Management creates and manages active listings on over 300 internet listing sites.  Create organic SEO advantages by offering a consistent listing throughout the internet.  Before and after snapshots and monthly reports to demonstrate your return on investment. Partnering with major data providers like Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar allows us to offer a complete listing syndication solution. To correct a company listing with each of these providers takes time and money. Let us take that burden off you.


Other Services

It doesn’t matter how much money companies pour into national advertising campaigns, customers are still going to judge their brand by how clean the bathroom is at the nearest location. If your clients have multiple locations, they need an easy way to monitor all of their reputation data. Our Brand Analytics is the best-in-class tool for multi-location reputation reporting.

Programmatic Search - Brand Monitoring

Online reviews are paramount to a company’s online presence, and Brand Monitoring allows brand managers to understand trending themes in a brand’s reviews, benchmark and identify the best and worst performing locations, and monitor social media activity to detect signs of growth or stagnation in different regions. This is great for small business and large brands alike. There is no limit on the amount of locations that can be added to reports.