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Pay for Performance Platforms

Our platforms allow your business to market to prospects in the same manner they would communicate every day for business, family, and friends.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail Drops allows specific messaging for a specific Call-to-Action.  Reach your entire CRM database in minutes with REAL voicemail from your staff calling them to action. practices. Ringless Voicemail’s are inserted into a mobile phone without an actual call needing to be made to that device. This is done on the backend. Prices vary based on volume and frequency. See one of our representatives for a quote and a demonstration of best practices.

Ringless Voicemail
Voicemail Listen Rate96%
SMS Advertisement Open Rate87%
Live Agent Call Listen Rate54%
Voice Broadcasting Listen Rate39%

About Ringless Voicemail

No phone call is ever made directly to the targeted subscriber. Only a landline to landline session, aka system to voicemail server, is established to drop the message. The targeted subscriber is not billed for the call and their phone will not ring once they have received the Ringless Voicemail. Also, the FCC defines voicemail services as an Enhanced Information Service which is intentionally not regulated.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS / Text Marketing allows you to market to prospects in the same manner they communicate every day for business, family, and friends. Completely TCPA compliant dashboard allows your staff to communicate in real time with your customers and intenders.  Create VIP clubs through opt-in text programs designed to create traffic.  Lead capture is in real time with user name, phone number and product interest. Functionality is unlimited.

We make sure the proper steps have been taken so that all messages follow the Mobile Marketing Association’s “Best Practices” for mobile campaigns. Our Text Marketing service empowers businesses with more innovative mobile marketing campaigns to better fit the pace of everyday life.

SMS Text Marketing

We offer flexible SMS Text Marketing options that allow you to send SMS text messages and mobile alerts, conduct mobile advertising, engage customers with voting & polling, text to screen, surveys and mobile coupons. You can also deliver mobile content like ring tones, wallpapers, video, and much more..